Torridon, February 2006
A veritable profusion of provisions
Ian and Ralph chilling out in the morning sunshine
Serious business
Still serious
Seriously serious
Bob, Ian and Mark on the first day with Jim guiding them
Our cottage
Cloughie and Bob made it to the top of Beinn Damh
The first meal, with Jim the guide
Bob enjoying Ruths millionaires shortbread

Bob looks across towards the West Coast

Mark and Simon in perfect balance, well nearly
Slioch before we climbed it

The fantastic ridge walk from behind Slioch to the summit

A nice view of the "wilderness"

Approaching the summit
On top of Slioch
View of Beinn Alligan with a deer in the right foreground
The arrow points to a sea otter jumping into the water
Close-up courtesy of Bob
The Tilley Trio
Simon and Ian on Beinn Alligan
Juggling lemons, or was that eggs?

Three slides stitched, showing our cottage

Mark in full flow!
Well done Mark & Ralph, 40 Poppadums!
Who could forget the "self timer confusion"?