I wanted to use solar technology to light my shed inside and as the roof faces south it seemed like a good idea. I got a bit carried away and now have three flexible LED strip lights and a spot light to illuminate my in-car head unit which drives a pair of bookshelf speakers. I also have a computer fan in the window to pull in some fresh air, much needed! I also have a 600 watt inverter to run 240 volt appliances.

My two 12V batteries are fully charged here so I have to disconnect the panel from them and attach an LED light to the panel connections so the panel isn`t damaged by not having any load on it. It is an overcast day here but you can see the bright light through the window.


I plug my 240V gadgets in here, mostly battery and phone chargers

The charge controller stops the batterys being over charged and stops the charge going back into the panel.

My music sounds pretty good through these speakers.