These are some photos I`ve taken at work from 1979 onwards with my Olympus OM10 SLR.

Myself about to jump off Ouse Valley Viaduct, early 1980`s
The Brighton steam crane about to lift the 30 ton footbridge
linking Lovers Walk with what was the old Brighton signal box
The bridge is now held by the steam crane
A view from the footbridge in the previous shots, Brighton had ten platforms at this time, it now has eight and the layout has changed drastically. Unfortunately I can`t get a picture from the same location
A site never to be seen again, two steam cranes at Haywards Heath
The old train indicator on Brighton station
The old Electrical Control Room at Three Bridges, built in the 1930`s to control the third rail and manned all year round. Demolished in the 1980`s, a horrible new building does it`s job now from Brighton
Faygate signal box, one of the smallest on our area
Hastings signal box
Myself jointing a cable at Star Lane near Coulsdon. The train is the express to Brighton and it`s doing 90mph! Our safety people would have something to say to me about my place of safety!
Graham Bowles, Brian Jenner and Mark Catford larking around at Star Lane substation
We see lots of wildlife on the track - most of it dead!
The killing fields of Balcombe!
Coulsdon North signal box, now demolished
Inside Coulsdon North signal box
This was how we joined cables together, a Cadweld Joint, a mixture of magnesium, aluminium and copper would ignite, melt and harden around the two ends. Very dangerous but very exciting!
From the other side, this was at the old Copyhold Junction
The Brighton steam crane stabled, it was kept in steam all year round
The old metal ladder to get down to the Redhill Line tunnel mouth