Thanks to Sue and Sian next door for the loan of this photo taken in 1993

You can see the outline of the pool

Back garden showing the shape of the buried pool!

This was the deep end

Cousin Gary!

That`s all the contaminated rubbish removed

Another view of the pool in 1993

This chap took four loads away!

It won`t let us forget it was a swimming pool!


Thanks to Numptyarse for his water pump

One of next door`s newts had moved in

Ruth checks to see if there are any more newts

Enjoying the lovely new patio!!!

Beirut or Eastbourne?


Many thanks to Les & Mumsie for doing the majority of the work

Barnaby and the Mrs have somewhere to sit at last

Four lorry loads of top soil

Lots of barrowing

Using a 1920`s roller

Group photo

Testing out my solar panel to power my shed lights

The slate patio goes down

Keep off the &^*ing grass

We have a back lawn

Steve helps with a tedious task

Laying-out the two tons of pebbles

That`s the flower garden finished


This shows my LED strip from Maplins

This is the garden a year after planting