Starting our ascent of Snowdon
You can see the top of Snowdon on the right
You can see the remains of the Gwynnant Quarry in the foreground
Ians usual pose, nose in a map!
Beddgelert at night
Cloughies famous sausage batter
Descending a very steep path in thick snow
Cloughie just had to slide down on a plastic bag
From inside the Prince of Wales Quarry
Inside there was a shear drop of hundreds of feet
Resting inside a pine forest, the only time it rained
Peters vegetable curry
Cloughie on the Portmeirion Sands
The sea goes out a long way here

A photostitch of the view from Portmeirion Harbour
Cloughie scores an own-goal with the rubber glove!
One of the deepest and wettest shafts we found
We walked nearly half a mile into this mine
The shaft we squeezed into
On top of Tryfan, very difficult
We climbed from right to left to get to the top
Where we stayed, Gelert House is on the right
Notice the strange lady?
We walked through this old railway tunnel
The remains of the aerial ropeway to a copper mine
The ground just fell away hundreds of feet
where they`d chased the seam
One of many flooded tunnels
A view of Snowdon with a Raven flying near it
Sunbathing in January!
Peter in a thicket!
Don`t ask!!!
Inside Ians camper van