Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd December 2007. I met Peter on the train from Polegate as we both live there now. There was a good gathering at Falmer Station and after the usual faffing around we set off for the farm shop. First stop was the one at the trees on the corner, Ruth had made Christmas biscuits and Bobs mum had made rock buns. We made good progress to Rodmell and took over the lounge at the Abergavenny Arms. The winter ales were very nice and as usual, people forgot about getting up Beddingham Hill and over-did it!
We then moved onto Southease Church where Ian entertained us with his air-powered rockets, Mark Odlum was in his element, tweaking their performance to take them beyond their limit. Then the slow plod over the river and over the A26 to tackle Beddingham Hill. As with previous years, once at the top the weather cleared and the sun came out. As the afternoon got later, so the sunset got better, I met Brent Smithers up near Bopeep, a work colleague.
Myself and Sensible Steve stormed ahead so we wouldn`t keep the tea room ladies waiting while the others let some fireworks off before they came down off the Downs. We all had tea and teacakes in the Singing Kettle and very nice it was too. All too soon it was time to tackle the tents down near the toilets. Bob didn`t like the look of Peters tent this year and so joined me in my Hillberg. We then made our way to the Smugglers which this year wasn`t being run by Maureen and Robbie. The new team were friendly and very accomodating to our awful singing! Kathy, her sister, daughter and loyal friends were there to greet us - brilliant.
The food was very good, the singing not so good, it was a good thing most people had finished their meals and left before we started. We stayed until late and chatted with the new owners who very kindly dished-out mince pies.
It was cold and frosty back at the tents but in a three season bag you are nice and warm especially with all the farting! A couple of us had to struggle out of the tents at night to unburden our bladders. We packed-up in the morning and regrouped back at the Singing Kettle for breakfast. My Ruth arrived later with Mabel, our new puppy! We had a lovely full English and then people went their separate ways. It was another good one and it didn`t rain.

Walk & overnight: Ian Maskell, Ted, Michael Bish, Bob Adams, Pedantic Pete, Keith Foskett, Jeremy ???

Walk & Singing Kettle: Dave and Katrina Holmes, Phil Bish, Lydia and Tara the pooch, Mark Odlum, Peter and Luke Cuthbert (half the walk), Neil (an eighth of the walk)

Walk: Sensible Steve

Smugglers and breakfast: Cloughie

No Smoth or Robbo this year due to bad colds


Myself, Pedantic Pete and Sensible Steve
The Bish
Sensible Steve, thinking of GTL