Saturday 17 December to Sunday 18 December 1988, Mick had said to be at Falmer at 08:00 but HE was late! It was a fast walk to the Holly and a fast walk to the trig point, got five on it! There was the usual bundle on the hay bales and Dave nearly broke his back by falling off!
We arrived in Alfriston at 17:00 and went to the Singing Kettle, camped by the Church and piled into the Smugglers for the evening. The carol singers were there and this pleased Mick. It seems that Steve was the only one not camping! He booked himself into the hostel but after the night in the Smugglers, when he got to the hostel he was locked out! He then caught a taxi back to Hove! Sunday morning we had breakfast in the Singing Kettle and walked to Berwick via Alciston.

Those taking part were...Michael Smith, Michael Bish, Dave Holmes, Ian Maskell, Adrian Backshall, Bob Adams
Steve Willis, Phil Bish, Peter Maskell.