Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 December 1987, Cloughie brought his mountain bike with him! Had lunch in the Holly, stopped at Southease and played frisbee on top of Beddingham Hill. At Firle Beacon we spent ages running about on a huge pile of bales, I'll never forget Micks red face and his manic laugh as he careered about them! This was the year we turned right when we should have turned left! We were miles out when we got down into Alfriston and were torn to pieces getting through thick brambles. There was carol singing in the Smugglers and more singing on the way back to the tents!
We had a cream tea in the Singing Kettle and then we walked to Berwick. I showed Mick inside Berwick signal box.

People taking part were...Steve Willis, Mark Clough, Ian Maskell, Mick Bish, Dave Holmes, Michael Smith, Bob Adams, Peter Scovell, Peter Maskell, Christian Bish, Phil Bish, Adrian Backshall.