Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 December 1986, the weather was brilliant and we ate at the Holly Inn. When we got to Southease Mick and Cloughie were playing silly buggers with their ruksacks!Peter Maskell ran up Beddingham Hill and we arrived in Alfriston before the shop had shut. Camped and then went to the Plough & Harrow where "Barbara" led the Carol Singing!When we got back to the tents Cloughie ran about pulling everyones pegs out!Mick took umbrage at this and a tit for tat battle began that ended with Micks tent being uprooted and nearly thrown in the river!Mick and Cloughie were plastered in mud and the two tents were knackered!!!
We got up late and had to listen to the Archers.We went to the Singing Kettle where there was a lovely young dark haired waitress. We had a drink in the Smugglers before walking to Berwick and catching a train home.

People taking part were...Ian Maskell, Peter Maskell, Steve Willis, Michael Bish, Michael Smith, Mark Clough, Dave Holmes, Adrian Backshall.