Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 December 1984, I had my Walkman with me and I think they hadn't been out long!Apparently we had a good session in the Holly and then stopped at Southease where it started raining. At the hay bales I let my first welding powder off and managed to blind everyone! We got to Alfriston about 17:30 and pitched the tents on a sea of mud. Straight into the Plough & Harrow where Aiofa met us, we were all in a bad way when we got back to the tents, Dave Holmes and I were sick!
Woke up to find sick in my frying pan!We cooked savoury rice for breakfast and then wobbled into the village. Ian Maskell went back into the Smugglers and had a drink, everyone else went into the coffee shop. Pete and Mick went back with Tina, the rest of us walked to Polegate along a very muddy path.Ian, John and Smoth came back to Hove and we stayed up until 02:00 drinking and looking at slides!

People taking part were...Mark Odlum,Ian Maskell,Michael Bish,Michael Smith,Peter Maskell,Dave Holmes,Kevin Clark,Adrian Backshall,John Robinson,Mark Clough,Steve Willis.