Friday 17 to Sunday 19 December 1982, there was snow on the ground when we started but it had gone by the time we got to the Holly Inn.While we were having our lunch at Southease, Micks Ruksack was placed at the top of the tree that blew down in 1987! It was 17:15 when we got to Alfriston, we bought some food and walked to the hostel. This was the year that Mick became "Reg Finkle" and it was also the infamous year that we got kicked out!!! As usual we went to the Plough & Harrow, in the raffle, Steve won a bottle of beer and I went one better and won two dead pheasants! In my diary it says that there was chaos in the dormitory and talcum powder everywhere!

The second day we walked to the Kettle and then to the forest. We had ice fights using the ice that was in the water butts. We went on to Jevington and a fox hunt went past us. We went back to the Kettle and Smoth met us there.Back down the pub in the evening and then when we got back things kind of got out of hand! I recall a tower of waste bins reaching to the ceiling,matresses being pushed out of the window and lots of bundles!It all culminated in us being thrown out at 23:30

We groped our way towards Berwick through the mud, the church was locked and so we settled for "New Barn" which although it was full of hay bales it offered no protection from the cold. I remember being frozen stiff all night and hearing the rats scrabbling around underneath. We settled down at 01:30 but I don't think anyone slept. We set off for Glynde at 07:30 and to cap it all it pissed down! We caught a train off of Glynde at 10:40 and tried to dry off in Lewes waiting room.

People taking part were...Kevin Clark, Mark Clough, Mick Bish, John Robinson, Ian Maskell, Steve Willis, Adrian Backshall.