Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 December 1981,according to my diary,we found a frozen dew pond and much entertainment was had on it!We were sliding down the slopes, having snowball fights and shit fights!It was well dark when we got to Alfriston and of course,we went down the Plough & Harrow.All hell broke loose when we got back to the hostel!
The next day we were late getting out of the hostel,walked to Jevington and had lunch in the Eight Bells.When we came out it was snowing hard and continued all the time we were walking to Eastbourne.We caught the 16:55 train to Haywards Heath.

People taking part were...Steve Willis, Michael Bish, John Robinson, Mark Clough, Ian Maskell, Michael Smith, Kevin Clark, Chris Magin, Philip Bish, Adrian Backshall.