Friday 19 to Sunday 21 December 1980.After the mandatory lunch at Southease Church,we headed up Beddingham Hill and it then rained hard and blew a gale until we got to Alfriston! I was absolutely drenched as the Parkas waterproof qualities were not too good then!I remember Steve had a hip flask of Scotch and I think it saved our lives that day.We headed straight for the "Singing Kettle" and tried to dry out.Does anyone else remember Bishs yellow waterproofs? As usual we walked to the Plough & Harrow that evening.
On the second day we headed up into the forest once again,apparently we all ended up chucking logs at each other across a dew pond.We got to West Dean after walking through thick mud,got fed up with that and so went back to the Kettle and stayed there for an hour.
According to my diary,myself,Steve,Paul,Cloughie and David Benison went to the pub while the others went Carol Singing!Apparently we were all worse for wear that night,Cloughie broke a light bulb and I spewed up in the toilet and flushed my false teeth down the toilet!Steve was breaking wind rather violently and Cloughie was going berserk!
In the morning there was an inquest into who had broken the lightbulb!Mick and Paul went back with Cloughie in his "new" mini,Ian went back on his motorbike and the rest of us walked up and over the Downs to Eastbourne where we caught the 16:00 train to Haywards Heath.

People taking part were...David Bennison,Kevin Clark,Mark Clough,John Robinson,Michael Bish, Paul Sinclair,Michael Smith,Steve Willis,Adrian Backshall,Ian Maskell,Ian Budgen.