Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 December 1979.According to my diary,as usual,walked to Southease for lunch,stayed at the hostel and went to the Plough & Harrow in the evening.The next day,Steve and Paul caught a bus back home.The rest of us walked into the forest,got caught in a blizard and ended up having a log fight and pushed trees over!We went back to Alfriston for tea and stayed in the hostel that night.
On the third day we walked to Berwick,then Alciston where we went in the pub.We had our lunch in a nearby barn then walked to Glynde via Firle.This was the first year we found the huge piles of hay bales to play on.We caught the train from Glynde and shortly after that,Cloughie opened the door of the train and how nobody fell out we don't know!!!

The people taking part were...Mark Clough, Steve Willis, Paul Sinclair, Mick Bish, John Robinson, Michael Smith, Simon Garden, Ian Maskell, Ian Budgen, Kevin Clark, Simon Roult, Adrian Backshall.